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Dhemaji Girls’ College, today a premier higher education institution, was established on 25th November, 1986 in this vast, rural, tribal, interstate border area between the State of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, in the district of Dhemaji, Assam. The whole area is socio-economically and educationally backward. It is dwelt in by people of diverse castes, communities, tribes and ethnic groups who have their own district culture, religion and language. The college is a girls’ institution of Arts Stream only. To provide higher education to the students of the down-trodden families of this area, the college was opened at the initiative of a few educationists, the deprived parents and conscious public.

Since its inception, the college has been sincerely rendering service in imparting higher education at UG level and devotedly working for the all round development of students and doing community service as expected of a higher education institution. Though the college was established in 1986, at the beginning it was purely Peer UG level. The Dibrugarh University accorded permission to start UG course in 1994. The active involvement of the college in disseminating knowledge and assiduous performance within its precinct, pleased Dibrugarh University to extend affiliation is the year 2001for the ongoing Arts course. In time to come, the college obtained UGC’s 2f in 12th April, 2010 and 12B in 21st January, 2011. The college was provincialized under Provincialization Act. By Govt. of Assam in 2014 w e.f.14th August, 2013.


19-02-1994 - Initial Permission from Dibrugarh University.

27-01-2000 - Receiving NOC from Govt. Assam

30-10-2000 - Permission Concurrence from Govt. of Assam.

7-11-2001 - Temporary Affiliation from Dibrugarh University.

7-07-2010 - Permanent Affiliation from Dibrugarh University.

21-09-2004 - Affiliation Concurrence from Govt. of Assam.

7-11-2001 - Major Permission from Dibrugarh University in the subject of Assamese and Sociology.

15-11-02 - Major Permission from Dibrugarh University in the subject of Political Science and History.

28-12-2006 - Major Permission from Dibrugarh University in the subject of Economics and Philosophy.

20-10-2011 - Major Permission from Dibrugarh University in the subject of English and Education.

12-04-2010 - The College is recognized by the UGC under 2(f).

21-01-2011 - The College is recognized by the UGC under 12(B).

March 2013 - The College Provincialised by the Govt. of Assam, w.e.f. 14-8-2013



The college has been making full efforts for the development of infrastructure of the college. The infrastructure development made by the college till date are-

  • Adequate class rooms to conduct various programmes.
  • A separate spacious and a well accommodated Administrative Building.
  • A separate office for Distance Education Centre.
  • Digital Library.
  • A well furnished Computer Education Centre.
  • Separated department rooms for each department with book shelves.
  • Laboratories for the subject of Education.
  • Canteen.
  • 9 nos. digital classroom.
  • Girls’ hostel.
  • A Temporary Auditorium Hall.
  • Pure drinking running water facility in the college and in the hostels.
  • High power generators for the college.
  • Cultural Museum.
  • Play ground with Multipurpose Gymnasium hall.
  • Indoor stadium for badminton and Table Tennis.
  • A digitalization Conference Hall with 80 seat capacity.
  • Well furnished common room for teachers and separate common rooms for students.

Student Support and Progression:

The entire gamut of activities done and facilities provided centre round for the all round development of student. For student and progression due attention has been paid by providing facilities of-

  • Post Metric scholarship (PMS) to SC, ST and OBC student from State Government.
  • Free admission is provided to one poor meritorious student by each Department (but recently Assam Govt. is providing free admission facilities to all students). Whose parent’s annual income is less than one lakh.
  • Exemption of admission fee to outstanding sports person.
  • Awards from college authority as well as respective department(s) to students securing highest marks and first class first in term-end examination.
  • Coaching classes for entry into service under UGC scheme.
  • Cluster guidance system for academic guidance.
  • Remedial coaching to academically poor students.

The college is very much conscious regarding the problems and prospects of all section of student and to take care of them, provision have been made as-

  • Grievance and Redrassal Cell.
  • Anti Ragging Committee.
  • Women Cell to look after the problems and prospects of women students.


  • Transform society through the empowerment of women.
  • Develop responsible leaders for future.
  • To facilitate development of youth as a national builder through higher education.
  • To provide affordable quality education to the students across sections of the society.
  • To inculcate critical and innovative thinking among the teacher and students.


  • To provide quality higher education to girls’ student to enable them to face the challenges of the world with courage and confidence and would to be socially responsible citizen.
  • To impart ethical values to ensuring the harmonious functioning of the society.
  • To create on an environment to excel in all activities.
  • To encourage students to follow law of the land through institutional practice.
  • To encourage the research and development activities.
  • To equip students with adequate knowledge and skill to compete in the present employment setup using latest learning resources.


Dhemaji Girls’ College has the following long cherished goals and objectives which are by and large reflected through the plans, programmes and activities conducted by the college.

  • To harness the talent of the youths for the all round development of the area by infusing the spirit of social obligation and social and national responsibility among the students through quality education.
  • To promote higher education to the poor and needy students of this backward region irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion.
  • Creating conducive academic atmosphere of higher learning in an area inhabited mostly by scheduled tribes, scheduled castes and other economically and socially downtrodden people.
  • To promote literacy and scientific outlook among the people.
  • To cultivate social, moral and spiritual values, among the students.
  • To help the students acquire right attitude, knowledge, understanding and competence by building a healthy environment.
  • To develop desirable qualities for all round development of personality.
  • To provide with ample opportunities to the young generation to reflect their views critically on social, economic, cultural, moral and spiritual issues faced by humanity, that contribute to the national development through dissemination of specialized knowledge and skill.
  • To build up intelligent democratic citizenship.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility and social belongingness and provide opportunity to involve themselves in the process of social and national development through the best practices of the institution.
  • To create awareness on self employment and entrepreneurship as career option among the students, alumni and other youth through proper guidance and counseling and by encouraging their participation in various career oriented courses.
  • To enable the students to appreciate and recognize India’s rich cultural
  • To make the students understand the diverse, social and cultural system of the country and motivate them to realize the sense of social harmony, peaceful co-existence, national integration and international understanding.
  • To create a sense of awareness among the students and the people on the issues related to environment degradation and make them act for the protection, preservation and development of the environment.
  • To work for and strive continuously pursuing of quality education to face the new challenges.


  1. Assamese
  2. English
  3. Economics
  4. Education
  5. History
  6. Hindi
  7. Philosophy
  8. Political Science
  9. Sociology
  10. Mathematics


In order to create an opportunity to those students who would not be able to enroll themselves in the regular programmes due to various problems, Dhemaji Girls’ College has provided an opportunity through Distance Mode for those students to enroll themselves in B.A., and M.A. programmes.


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an important organization, providing opportunity for the students of the college to develop their personality through this scheme. The students of Dhemaji Girls’ College can engage themselves in NSS activities as the opportunity is offered through the NSS section of Dhemaji Girls’ College under Dibrugarh University. Students may contact with the Coordinator, NSS section of Dhemaji Girls’ College.


The IQAC of Dhemaji Girls’ College was formed during the academic session of 2013-14, taking the Principal as the Chairperson of the IQAC, Dhemaji Girls’ College. As the quality enhancement is a continuous and lengthy process, the IQAC, Dhemaji Girls’ College works towards realising the goals of quality sustenance the IQAC. Dhemaji Girls’ College always welcomes constructive suggestions from different corners towards the improvement of quality of the college.


Dhemaji Girls’ College formed the students' grievance redressal cell during the academic session 2009-10 which always looks after the grievances of the students and initiates necessary steps for the solution. It also offers the opportunity to students, to air their grievances and valuable suggestions.


The college has created a Students’ Aid Fund to provide financial assistance to marginalised students. The fund is created out of the subscription of the faculty members, librarian, office staff and well wishers of the College. Students who want to avail the financial benefit of this fund should apply with proper supporting documents to the Principal.


In addition to the prescribed course of study the college encourages and motivates the students to organize and participate effectively in various co-curricular and extra- curricular activities such as games and sports, fine-arts, literary and cultural activities, debating, symposium etc from time to time.


Facilities for games like football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, carom, chess etc are available in the college.


The college has registered Alumni Association named 'Dhemaji Girls' College Alumni Association'. The college maintains a good and cordial relationship with the alumni. It holds annual meeting with its members. Many important decisions are taken on the basis of the advice and suggestion of the Alumni for the development of the college.


The Dhemaji Girls’ College Students Union is a general body of the students of the college. Its membership is compulsory for every regular student of the college. The office bearers are elected annually except HCSU, no other students Association/ Union is recognised by the college. Students Union of the college is elected body to uplift various cultural, literary &sports activities among the students of the college.


Dhemaji Girls’ College has an Annual Magazine name ‘ANGANA’ which is platform for the students to uplift their literary ambition. The editorial board work under the guidance of the adviser. The ‘Angana’ is a key to have a peep in to the past achievements and activities of the College.


Girls' common room facilities are provided to the students for recreational activities during their leisure periods.


The college library was introduced as automated in our college in 2018 after purchase the SOUL Version- 2.0 software from INFLIBNET (an autonomous body of UGC). After the completion of data entry process 2018-19 computerized charging and discharging of books started. For this circulation system the library uses Bar-code printer and scanner. Library services like circulation, fine calculation, defaulter list preparation, OPAC (on line public access catalogue) etc. are functioning in our college library.


There is a Girls’ hostel near the college. The newly constructed two storied Girls’ hostels are now providing a good facility for the girls coming from different economically backward places. The application for admission to the hostels is made to the Principal in the prescribed form with guardian’s acknowledgement. Hostel is governed by the Dhemaji Girls’ College rules.


The College has an Indoor Stadium at its premises. The stadium of the college has a capacity of 200 seats and every indoor game for girls are taking place there. The college has already successfully organized various badminton compititions


There is also a multipurpose Gymnasium Hall at the college premises which will be completed within a short period of time.


Canteen facilities are also available in the College Campus. It is taking every care to provide fresh and quality food at a reasonable price.


There are well-equipped modern laboratories for the subjects of Education and Mathematics for conducting practical classes.


All the Departments are facilities with Computerized Smart Board to enabling the teachers to avail the modern technologies in class room. Teachers and students can access internet facilities and computers in the centralized computer class room with 30 numbers of computers & Laptops.


Dhemaji Girls’ College has a career guidance cell to help the students in choosing the right track for their career advancement. The following are aims and objectives:

To provide information regarding careers, especially entrepreneurship.

To create awareness about self employment and entrepreneurship as a career option among students.

To provide basic information about the opportunities for self- employment and entrepreneurship and support systems available.


Students are encouraged and guided by different Forum and Associations in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Seminars, Quiz Competitions, Wall Magazine, Debating, Workshops etc. are organized by these organizations.


One Conference Hall


Indoor Stadium

Gymnasium Stadium

Girls' hostel: 1 (one) Number of inmates:45

Canteen: 1 (one)

Health centre: 1 (one)


Position Teaching faculty Non-Teaching Staff Technical staff
Assistant Professor  
*M *F *M *F *M *F
Sanctioned by the UGC / University / State Government 17 18 08 02    
Sanctioned by the Management / Society or 0 0 0 0 01  

*M – Male *F – Female

Qualification of the teaching staff:

Higher Qualification Assistant Professor Total
Male Female
Permanent Teacher (Sanctioned)
Ph. D 10 03 13
M. Phil 23 09 32

Nomination of Teachers for Staff Development Programmes

Academic Staff development Programme (OP/RC/Other Nos. of faculty Nomination
2013-14 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
Orientation program   09 02 03
Refresher course -     06 01
Seminars /Workshops 76 45 36 18

Minor Research Projects:

Sl. No Name Topic Date/Duration Amount
1 Mon Mohan Gogoi The Role of Missing Women in the Development of Economic and Political Conditions of their society: A Political Study in the district of Dhemaji, Assam 2012-13 UGC Letter No-F-5-137/2011-12 (MRP/NERO/10661 Date- 29/11/2011   85,000.00
2 Mon Mohan Gogoi Right to information Act; Its Development and Relevance in Indain Democracy special reference to peoples of Dhemaji District 2017 UGC F-5-410/2014-15/MRP/NERO/ 269 Date-10/12/2015 2,80,000.00
3 Merina Borsaikia Women Illeteracy and its Impact on children in Assam , A Comparative study of Balijan Kachari Village and Kuwafala Village in Dhemaji District 2013 UGC . Letter No-F.5-117/2011-12(MRP/NERO)/15331 23 March, 2012 75,000.00
4 Dulumoni Gogoi A study on ICDS programmes for ECCE offered by Angwanwadi Centers of Dhemaji District in Assam 2013 UGC . Letter No-F.5-288/2012-13 (MRP/NERO)/678 dated 2nd  May,2013 80,000.00  
5 Jugananda Gohain Socio-Economic and Religious life of Ahom in Assam – A case study in Dhemaji District 2017 UGC Letter No – F-5-433/2014-15/(MRP/NERD/2197, 17 Feb,2015 2,65,000
6 Prakash Borthakur The concept Religious life of Ahom in Assam – A case study in Dhemaji District UGC Letter No-5-426/2012-13/MRP/NERO/22546.2014 1,40,000
7 Prakash Borthakur Problem facing  by art education action research teacher to teach art education in L.P. School in class III & IV of Jidhal Gaon Panchayat 18th Nov .2010 under SSA, Dhemaji, 2011 50,000
8 Prakash Borthakur Achievement level of Children in language 1st Feb.2013 Under SSA, Dhemaji, 2013 50,000
9 Diganta Kumar Neog Flood Problems and Rural Development; A Special Refernce to Jiadhal River of Dhemaji District 2018  
10 Lakhimai Dutta The role of handloom text file on the socio-economic & cultural side of the Mishinf women in upper Assam; A field survey study 2015 1,45,000
11 Mon Mohan Gogoi Problems of Non-school going Children in Urban Areas specially in Dhemaji with ref to HTR/EGS/SSK 2011 50,000
12 Padma Bikash Chutia Self help group; Role in Reducing Rural Poverty and Umemployment ; A Case Study at Dhemaji District UGC.Vide. Letter No I 5/142/2014-15/NARP/NERO 2017 2,85,000
13 Rupak Deka Changing Socio-Political Status & Role of Eleeted women Representatives to Prize for Rural Development ; A Political Analym 2015 1,40,000
14 Muluk Das The Socio-Political status and Participation of Koivortta (SC) people of Assam; A case study of koivorttas in Dhemaji Dist UGC Letter No-F5-466/2012-13/MRP/NERO 2015 1,45,000
15 Krishna Borgohain Problems working women in cereater Dhemaji 2013 1,50,000
16 Rinee Borgohain Socio-economic and cultural Aspects of the tiwa tribe of Dhemaji Dist    
17 Thanuram Gogoi     1,00000
18 Devajit Hazarika