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Best Practice of the Institution


1. Name of the practice: ‘Rajkumari’

 2. Objectives of the Practice

The primary objective of the best practice is to encourage and ascertain education of meritorious girls belonging to economically weaker sections of the society. To ascertain gender equality in the society is an important goal of the college. The institution’s quest to reach the deserving cutting across odds is the determining motive behind conducting the practice. The intended outcome is to make education accessible to the needy so that the adopted girls can become worthy citizens of the nation tomorrow.

3. The Context

Efforts like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao have shown that the preferential treatment given to boys ends with deprivation on the part of girls. The college feels that it is high time that we do something to end this social menace within our capacity and resources. 

The college shall strive to support the adopted girls at least up to the graduation level and if they are able to perform decently in the qualifying examinations then they would be provided with ample support for carrying out higher education. 

While implementing the practice the assigned teachers of the college visit nearby schools and meet the school authority to track meritorious girl students belonging to poor economic background. 

The biggest challenge is the problem of plenty but despite the intention to help everybody the college adopts only 1 girl per year because of resource constraints.

4. The Practice

 The College adopts one girl every year belonging to financially weak families with the intention that the college shall pay for her studies at least up to the undergraduate level. The Principal constitutes a committee to select the deserving candidate for adoption.  Its uniqueness in the contemporary Indian context lies in the focus on gender equality and sensitization considering dwindling sex ratios in some parts of the country.

5. Evidence of Success

 The parents appear happy at the prospect of their daughters becoming graduates in future and many parents have approached the college authority to allow their daughters get the privilege.  The nearby schools have also expressed satisfaction that at least one of their girl students belonging to an economically backward family is certain of achieving higher education.

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The practice requires spending a bearable amount of funds.  There is the problem of plenty. There are too many to help but financial resources prevent the institution from spreading arms too wide.

(B) Improvement of students’ potentiality

  1. Name of the Practice: Potential Improvement
  2. Objectives of the Practice:

The college started the scheme in order encourage the students to potentiality improvement co-curricular activities with under graduate course. Co-curricular activities like sports, music, drama, literature, self-defence, fine arts etc. The main objective of this practice like Development of the students co-curricular activities, enhance their potentiality in the field of above sides. Also with these co-curricular activities we want to be students made as self employed near future.

  1. The Context

It was seen that most of the students has some interest in any one or more fields. In every Friday and Saturday a one hour classes are allotted to them and expert guest lecture taking this classes. Students present there improved potentiality through exhibition and different competitions.

  1. The Practice

The practice is on regular basis. The experts teach them the practical knowledge to the students and give them actual practice of different fields. The practice is very essential to today’s context as because of unemployable situation it help the students creating employment by self. There are some constraints such as the sessional examinations and end semester examinations that are periodically conducted with necessitate last time change in the schedule of classes.

  1. Evidence of Success 

The evidence of success are-

  • Many students participate in the various competitions and success too.
  • Self employed gain by the students in this own fields.
  • Increasing of self confidence.
  • Increasing of students’ attendance.

6. Problem encountered and resources required

There are certain problems in the implementation of the practice as-       

  • Inflow of fund for payment of instructor / expert is limited.
  • Periodic test, sessional examination, daily class rotten. Sometime hamper to conduct the competition.