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Goals & Objectives

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DHEMAJI Girl's College has the following goals and objectives which are by and large reflected through the palms, programmes and activities conducted by the college.

  1. To provide higher education to the poor and needy students of backward region irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion.
  2. To develop literary and rational outlook among the people.
  3. Give importants for all round development of a rich personality.
  4. Give importants on social, moral, ethical and spiritual values among the students.
  5. To help young generation for job opportunity and to create awareness on self employment.
  6. To create awareness among the students and the people on degradation of environment and need for its protection preservation and development.
  7. To develop a dynamic mechanism in the college for spreading its extension activities and other services and also to create consciousness among different sections of people on various important issues like women empowerment, rural development, human rights, etc.